US-Cars in autum/winter

It gets snowy outside and wet and slippery. Yes…winter is coming. If you listen to your local radio station you will notice the rise of traffic jams caused by accidents. You don’t want to be involved in accidents as a active or passive member want you?

Always notice a US-Car is basically a truck with sport optic. Your brakes are not made to reduce speed efficiently. So reduce your speed even on a free road. With the Firebird on cold conditions 80 km/h was my maximum speed. I had enough time to plan my actions and break fast enough to avoid accidents.

Drive like you where on raw eggs.

Whats about the tires? I always used all weather tires on my car. They may consume more fuel (1 litre round about) but you don’t have to change them and they give you enough security in all weather and on all roads your US-Car should be in and on. Sure if you drive an Jeep or Hummer and want to go Offroad or on heavy snowy winter roads I would recommend to use snow tires. But on common roads all weather tires are my top choice.

Take care out there and happy Christmas.